A Day After Dining Out for Life

A simple and sweet update today about last night’s Dining Out for Life dinner here at Booty’s Street Food: 


With the help of more than 200 of our neighbors and lovely patrons, Booty’s raised over a thousand dollars for the No/AIDS Task Force, as well as hundreds of additional dollars in individual donations from diners who wanted to give even more at the end of their meal. This money will be used to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in Louisiana, and to provide care and assistance to those living with AIDS. 


Cashing checks for life!

Cashing checks for life!

We had a full house from about 6 PM straight through to closing time. Those waiting for tables sipped on Cottontails, Suckerpunches and Bywater Bombers out front, all the while dressed to the nines. 


It was a bustling, beautiful night. Thank you so much to all who came out and made the evening such a success. 

POSTED BY Kevin Farrell ON July 19, 2013 IN EVENTS