Blowing Up Tales of the Cocktail with Cripple Creek

Booty’s opened its doors and bar up to the dashing bartenders from Prime Meats and Amor y Amargo on Saturday for a Tales of the Cocktail pop up. Aaron Polsky, Damon Boelte and Dram Brothers, held court alongside Booty’s own Ted & Cheyenne for our first ever Clothing Optional* Cripple Creek Rock ‘n’ Roll Brunch! 


Cripple Creek crowd at Booty's!

Cripple Creek crowd at Booty’s!


And lawdy, did thirsty tales people show up en masse! 

The Cripple Creek boys spent 3 hours slinging custom cocktails like The Morning After The Night of The Vampire (Black trumpet mushrooms, Genrothes Alaba, cream, Stumptown cold brew, Abbott’s Bitters) and the Clothing Optional (No. 3 gin, King’s Ginger, Maurin Dry Vermouth, Anchor Hopehead vodka) for the brunch beauties at Booty’s. 


The Morning After The Night of The Vampire

The Morning After The Night of The Vampire


The Cripple Creek pop up was a monster success, and we’re cooking up plans to return the favor with a Booty’s pop up at their event space, RES, in Brooklyn. Stay tuned!


Cripple Creek at Bootys Street Food

Thanks to all the visiting Tales folks, and our Saturday brunch regulars for making the day a raging success! 


POSTED BY Kevin Farrell ON July 23, 2013 IN EVENTS