Booty’s Bywater Build #5: Buried Treasure!

When the waters of Lake Booty’s finally dissipated, we were grateful to find that the crashing waves never made their way into our live construction zone. Phew!

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But since we had been jackhammering and tearing up cement to lay our plumbing, quite a bit of clay and dirt was now exposed and soft enough to dig around in. Curious about our building’s original use as a pharmacy, we got to digging around jokingly in search of buried treasures from a century ago.

And then the funniest thing happened – we actually found some! What began as a joke turned into a payday as Kevin uncovered more than a dozen pharmacological and medicinal bottles dating back to August of 1906! The most legible being a Milk of Magnesia bottle hailing from the Chase Phillips Chemical Company in Glenbrook, Conn.

The bottles were such an inspiration for us as we designed a space that married our vision for Booty’s with the building’s past as a pharmacy. They’ll proudly be on display – and full of Jeremy JF Thompson’s boozy brews and tinctures – when Booty’s opens in just a few short weeks!