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Booty’s Named One of the 50 Coolest Small Businesses in America by Business Insider

10:28 AM  December 16, 2013

Our little Bywater restaurant keeps racking up national press. From Business Insider’s 50 Coolest Small Businesses in America:


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What it is: An international street food restaurant with a hidden art gallery.

What makes it cool: Co-owners Nick Vivion and Kevin Farrell bring the concept of eating your way around the world to life. Inspired by their travels around the world, Vivion and Farrell designed a menu that features classic street cart dishes like frites from Belgium, banh mi from Vietnam, and empanadas from Venezuela.

And if that weren’t enough, Booty’s is also home to a secret art gallery (spoiler alert: it’s in the bathroom!).


What’s cooler than being cool?




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That Time The New York Times Forgot to Name Us While Namedropping Us

10:58 AM  December 5, 2013

Our favorite part of Tuesday’s NYT piece on New Orleans’ booming restaurant scene:


An Israeli-owned steakhouse that just opened in the French Quarter sets prices according to how long the beef has been aged. A place in the gentrifying Bywater neighborhood tells customers the original longitude and latitude of the street food on the menu. At another, a straight-faced waitress described a special involving “roast broccoli in a purée of broccoli.” 


Woohoo! Our second time rocking The New York Times this year. But why beat around the bush? We’re Booty’s, baby! Say my name!



Thanks for the love, NYT. Mostly. :D  

Racking Up a Boozy Booty’s Reputation

1:04 PM  September 5, 2013

In these final dog days of summer, Booty’s has been scoring boozy shout-outs left and right. 

Thrillist thrilled us with word that Booty’s makes one of New Orleans’ 8 essential cocktails




And the sexy supergeniuses at Esquire toasted to the end of summer with our sultriest craft daiquiri yet, the limited edition Bywater Bombshell from Booty’s Bar Director Shana Donahue.


Buzzfeed showed Booty’s some love on their gorgeous game plan for living it up like a Nola native while sunning your buns down South.


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Finally, Zagat put the world’s most famous unicorn skeleton on shout when they named Bywater one of the 20 Hottest Food Neighborhoods in the Country. 


It’s been a great end to the summer. Come on by and help us usher in another booming season of Booty’s! See you soon! 

The Dauphine Street Trash Cleanup

3:52 PM  July 24, 2013

Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin suited up in rubber gloves and thick, black trash bags this morning and spent two hours beautifying the Bywater.


From Louisa to Poland and back again, we braved the 90 degree sunshine to do our part to make our neighborhood a little nicer. 


Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin: TRASHY!

Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin: TRASHY!


And you know what? Along the way, our mail lady, the Fedex guy, Sewerage and Water Board workers, and about a dozen of our neighbors that live along Dauphine Street stopped to thank us, and even came out and helped pick up the litter in front of their own properties.


We did it! (Now let's hit the showers!)

We did it! (Now let’s hit the showers!)


Many, many thanks to J&J’s for the life-saving ice waters along the way! 


Booty’s organizes a staff volunteer opportunity about every other week or so. If you’d like to come work alongside the Booty’s crew, holler at us at! 

Who Daiq? Booty’s Makes Gambit’s Top 100 Bars in New Orleans

2:58 PM  July 12, 2013

Booty’s golden children (Well, orange and pink, really), the Bywater Bomber and Hula Hoop get the star treatment in a new listicle of the Top 100 Bars in New Orleans courtesy of The Gambit. 

Bootys Street Food Bywater Bomber Hula Hoop

Bywater Bomber & kid sister, the Hula Hoop

Our house daiqs top the Frozen Drinks section of the compendium, scoring rave reviews for our all natural, preservative-free recipes.

The daiquiris here aren’t saccharine like those found at many daiquiri shops. The Bywater Bomber daiquiri features Old New Orleans rum, rose water, house-made bitters and fresh pineapple, orange and lime juice. The Hula Hoop is a blend of Old New Orleans rum, guava and vanilla. 800 Louisa St., (504) 266-2887;, @bootys

Bywater Bombers and Hula Hoops are daily staples here at Booty’s and make a perfect companion to any lunch, brunch or dinner. 

Come and get ‘em. 

New Orleans Magazine names Booty’s one of Best New Restaurants of 2013

1:53 PM  July 12, 2013

New Orleans Magazine’s Best New Restaurants of the Year issue has dropped, and Booty’s Street Food is crazy-go-nuts proud to have made the cut. 

While it’s always nice to see your name in lights, we mostly just keep our heads down here at Booty’s and focus on delivering the best experience possible. Every now and then though, our ears perk way, way up and we get all blushy and bashful. 

Best New Orleans Restaurants, New Orleans Best New Restaurants, Best New Orleans Bars


This is one of those times.

Thank you so much to New Orleans Magazine, Jay Forman, and all of you who are digging what we’re dishing up here at Booty’s day in and day out. 


Booty’s Bywater Build #20: Inspection

2:27 PM  November 2, 2012

We finally recieved our framing inspection and electrical inspection, which means that we are all set to close in the walls at Booty’s Street Food in Bywater, New Orleans! Very exciting stuff, as we’ve never seen any walls in the space since we moved in 8 months ago!

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Plywood is also on the kitchen walls, and we’ve cut through to allow the hood system to be ducted over the garage roof.

Phew! Getting closer…

Booty’s Bywater Build #19: We Con-du-it

8:34 PM  October 29, 2012

Our favorite little Bywater spot in New Orleans, the corner of Dauphine and Louisa Streets, is looking more and more like a proper street food restaurant each day.

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The visualization of what the space is actually going to look like continues. We’re into the last stretch at Booty’s Street Food in Bywater, LA, and we’re installing all of the bones that will make this restaurant tick: switches, dimmers, framing, power, conduit, door moving, fire caulk, and an entire new soffit for our hood system!

Who conduit? We con-du-it!

Booty’s Bywater Build #18: Good Loo Hunting

5:32 PM  October 26, 2012

In our endless pursuit of Opening Night, we’ve been out shopping. We found some brand-new toilets at the Restore (supporting Habitat for Humanity, which is rad). We’ve been laying out our lights over the bar. We’ve been wiring up all of our electricity with the CONDUIT MONSTER never to be tamed, complete with dimmer panel and sconces

booty's bywater build, booty's new orleans, booty's street food, booty's new orleans restaurant

It’s all laid out in this {VERY SHAKY, SORRY} video.

The crew has also installed the water heaters for downstairs, in addition to a mega gas pipe that will bring us all the delicious fiery heat that will infuse Booty’s Street Food every day! :D