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Booty’s Bywater Build #17: The Name of the Game is Framing

6:53 PM  October 23, 2012

The crew has been reframing doors to abide by the appropriate ADA and state regulations. We now have enough space for the bathroom doors to swing open, and the bathrooms have been fully framed out. We can finally see where the doors, ceiling and general layout of the bathrooms will be.

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We’ve also been adding all the necessary framework for electrical, plumbing and ventilation – and we’ve framed out the bar! Progress!

Also, we promise that Kevin was just joking and we will not be hiring a full time employee to jump out and scare our lovely guests!


Booty’s Bywater Build #16: Everybody Hit the Floor

6:47 PM  October 23, 2012

Booty’s New Orleans finally has cement floors! Kevin and Nick walk through the space, showing the filled-in cement in the bar, bathroom and kitchen areas. There had been no floors whatsoever in the middle of the building, so this is quite the breakthrough for the crew at Booty’s!

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The grease trap was also fully installed and cemented, so we can be sure to comply with all health inspection regulations.



Booty’s Bywater Build #15: Laying Pipe

9:15 PM  October 19, 2012

Booty’s officially has a bar! Except for the fact that it’s only plumbing and dirt at the moment… Details, details!

Soon the framing will be in place, but until then we have some fun having a dirty drink at the bar.

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Also, Kevin has to stop wearing his pajamas in these videos…

Booty’s Bywater Build #14: An Enormous Freaking Disaster

7:10 PM  October 18, 2012

The layers of history are revealed, after we removing nearly a foot of dirt, mud and brick to run the pipes out to our grease trap. We keep uncovering more artifacts from the building’s 150-year old history, even as the digging starts to slow down.

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All of which is essentially just a very flowery way of saying, “Oh my God, we’ve made an absolutely gigantic mess.”

Will this place ever become a restaurant? Spoiler alert! Yes.


Booty’s Bywater Build #13: If the Bar is a Rockin’…

9:08 PM  October 16, 2012

The latest installment in our Booty’s construction video series documents a week of splitting migraines and ringing ears. With the kitchen area opened up, and all the walls we needed removed now gone, it was time to jackhammer the hell out of the concrete within the building to make room for our plumbing and grease trap.

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Our gorgeous building on the corner of Dauphine and Louisa was giving Big Freedia realness, shaking all over the place while we dug up the foundation it sat upon.

If I’m remembering this correctly, this all happened around late July, and man oh man was it a tough time. The more we dug, the worse the space looked. It felt like we had taken two steps forward, and twenty back. I wouldn’t quite say that we were naive to the amount of infrastructure we needed to put into place, but we were still a long march away from the big ticket milestones that make progress seem like it’s actually progressing when building a restaurant.

Installing a grease trap is a big pain, as every pipe has to be run into the grease trap before the pipe goes out to the sewer. Of course, it’s good for the city’s pipe, as all grease is removed and prevented from clogging the wider pipes. So we didn’t mind doing it, but it did take plenty of time and money!

And lots of brawn – a 100-pound jackhammer ain’t easy to use, so we let the experts safely take care of removing the slab for Booty’s Bywater.

Electrical, the hood, even the sheetrock that would eventually cover the walls were still a long, long way off. But hey, at least we had those headaches to hold us over!

Booty’s Bywater Build #12: Marking Our Territory

8:48 PM  October 16, 2012

Nick went a little overboard with a can of spray paint while marking out the dimensions of the bar here at Booty’s, earlier in the summer.

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With the bar marked out, things were about to get very, very, VERY noisy. Next up: jackhammering the hell out of the concrete behind the bar and in the newly opened kitchen area to lay the plumbing and install our restaurant’s grease trap!

Grab a pair of earplugs. The next video is a loud one.

Booty’s Bywater Build #11: The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is on…Well, There’s a Roof Now

3:10 PM  October 11, 2012

Living-above-a-restaurant worst nightmare: A stray spark, an oil fire, or a sudden battle between the Fantastic Four and The Mad Thinker sets our street food Mecca ablaze while we’re snoozing upstairs, and we burn up in a nightmarish blaze.

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What a terrible way to go, eh?

Thankfully, fire separation sheetrock makes this doomsday scenario nearly impossible, as you can see in our latest video charting the construction of Booty’s in New Orleans’ bumping Bywater neighborhood.

But if you see Johnny Storm in the neighborhood, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on him.

Booty’s Bywater Build #10: Progress, FINALLY!

3:46 PM  October 10, 2012

With the walls who dared talk back to us now knocked into messy piles of rubble, physical, visible, tangible progress was finally coming our way on the corner of Dauphine and Louisa in the Bywater.

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We really cannot stress enough how good it felt to walk into the shell of what was to become our restaurant and see change and momentum happening each day.

Things were moving right along at Booty’s, and it felt so, so good.

Booty’s Bywater Build #9: The Dog Days of Summer

9:10 AM  October 9, 2012

Nick sweats and kicks dust around in the next video in our series documenting the fall and rise of the Bywater building that we’ve spent that past year transforming into your new favorite bar and street food restaurant, Booty’s.

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Real talk, there’s some mumbling and sweeping going on here, but our brains were pretty fried from the August summer sun this week. All of the Bywater cool kids were out of town on summer vacation, and there were days that it seemed like Nick was talking a little bit too much to some of those barge board pieces we were excavating from the walls, like they were Wilson in Cast Away. 

This period was definitely a low point in the construction process. It was hot. It was humid. And there were so many critical structural tasks being completed each day that just weren’t highly visible enough to make us feel like we were progressing at all.

But little by little, we were getting there – come hell or Bywater.

Booty’s Bywater Build #8: Walls Fall Down

2:19 PM  October 8, 2012

Once upon a time before Booty’s was New Orleans’ newest Bywater bar and restaurant, the building was among other things, a pharmacy, a band rehearsal space, and a video rental store.

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Which is to say, there were a whole bunch of walls in places that a restaurant and a commercial kitchen should not have walls.

So what did we do? We knocked them down!

Well, our construction crew knocked them down, while we sort of flitted about filming and making bad jokes. Same thing.