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Ginuary Week One: Genever Punch

10:44 AM  January 6, 2015

We’re celebrating Ginuary at Booty’s Street Food here in Bywater all January long. Three new gin cocktails debut each Thursday. Finishing out the first week of cocktails, we have the Genever Punch. 


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Ginuary Week One: Genever Punch


Genever Punch


Bols Genever, Blood Orange Olio, Blood Orange Juice, Water


When distilled spirits first were discovered, we would drink them either neat or as a punch. The traditional punch is a mixture of spirit (and we’re not talking the school stuff here), fruit, sugar, and water.  


This lovely number takes full advantage of Louisiana’s late citrus harvest season, making full use of the blood oranges that we have access to even in Ginuary™…ahem…January. Most people think Florida or California for citrus, but New Orleanians enjoy fresh satsumas, clementines, lemons, limes, and oranges even in the darkest months of winter. 


To quote our own cocktail menu, we’re truly HASHTAG BLESSED. 




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Ginuary Week One: Kiwi Julep

10:54 AM  January 5, 2015

We’re celebrating Ginuary at Booty’s Street Food here in Bywater all January long. Three new gin cocktails debut each Thursday. Enter, the Julep! 


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Ginuary Week One: Kiwi Julep

Kiwi Julep


1.5 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1 oz Kiwi Syurp

3/4 oz lime

3 Mint leaves


Shake, serve in a double rocks with crushed ice and a mint leave garnish.


The name Julep originates from the Persian word for rose water. By the 1400’s it had become more or less synonymous with a cold punch. In 1803 the first Mint Julep was served in London, and by 1817 it made it’s way to American shores, where the meaning of the word once again transformed to reflect this singular cocktail. 


Join us all Ginuary™ long for fresh cocktails featuring this most curious spirit. Cheers!

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Ginuary Week One: Pink Gin

2:58 PM  January 3, 2015

We’re celebrating Ginuary at Booty’s Street Food here in Bywater all January long. Three new gin cocktails debut each Thursday. First up to bat:


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Ginuary Week One: Pink Gin


Pink Gin


7 dashes Ango

3oz Plymouth Gin


Stir and Serve up


Once Angostura Bitters (finally!) introduced themselves to the good drinkers of the world in the 1800’s, it didn’t take long for early proto-cocktails to include them. British Sailors were the first to experience Pink Gin, this perfect marriage between gin and bitters.


This lovely drink may sound stark, but it is pure chemistry. Trust in science. Trust in gin. Trust in Ginuary™.



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Blowing Up Tales of the Cocktail with Cripple Creek

12:34 PM  July 23, 2013

Booty’s opened its doors and bar up to the dashing bartenders from Prime Meats and Amor y Amargo on Saturday for a Tales of the Cocktail pop up. Aaron Polsky, Damon Boelte and Dram Brothers, held court alongside Booty’s own Ted & Cheyenne for our first ever Clothing Optional* Cripple Creek Rock ‘n’ Roll Brunch! 


Cripple Creek crowd at Booty's!

Cripple Creek crowd at Booty’s!


And lawdy, did thirsty tales people show up en masse! 

The Cripple Creek boys spent 3 hours slinging custom cocktails like The Morning After The Night of The Vampire (Black trumpet mushrooms, Genrothes Alaba, cream, Stumptown cold brew, Abbott’s Bitters) and the Clothing Optional (No. 3 gin, King’s Ginger, Maurin Dry Vermouth, Anchor Hopehead vodka) for the brunch beauties at Booty’s. 


The Morning After The Night of The Vampire

The Morning After The Night of The Vampire


The Cripple Creek pop up was a monster success, and we’re cooking up plans to return the favor with a Booty’s pop up at their event space, RES, in Brooklyn. Stay tuned!


Cripple Creek at Bootys Street Food

Thanks to all the visiting Tales folks, and our Saturday brunch regulars for making the day a raging success! 


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A Day After Dining Out for Life

11:35 AM  July 19, 2013

A simple and sweet update today about last night’s Dining Out for Life dinner here at Booty’s Street Food: 


With the help of more than 200 of our neighbors and lovely patrons, Booty’s raised over a thousand dollars for the No/AIDS Task Force, as well as hundreds of additional dollars in individual donations from diners who wanted to give even more at the end of their meal. This money will be used to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in Louisiana, and to provide care and assistance to those living with AIDS. 


Cashing checks for life!

Cashing checks for life!

We had a full house from about 6 PM straight through to closing time. Those waiting for tables sipped on Cottontails, Suckerpunches and Bywater Bombers out front, all the while dressed to the nines. 


It was a bustling, beautiful night. Thank you so much to all who came out and made the evening such a success. 

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Dine Out at Booty’s, Fight AIDS this Thursday, July 18

1:21 PM  July 16, 2013

Before we even opened our doors to the public last November, the savvy folks at the No/AIDS Task Force successfully sought us out and announced that Booty’s Street Food was the very first restaurant to join 2013′s Dining Out For Life. Nearly a year later, here we are just days away from the big night. 

dining Out for Life Bootys Street Food New Orleans

Dine Out, Fight AIDS

But what is Dining Our For Life?


“This year, dozens of the area’s best restaurants will donate at a portion of their proceeds to NO/AIDS Task Force. All you have to do is dine at one of these restaurants and you will be helping those affected by HIV and AIDS in our community.”

“On Thursday, July 18th, make sure to ask your waiter for a donation envelope. By making an additional donation to NO/AIDS Task Force on the night of Dining Out For Life, not only will you be entered in a drawing to win a great prize, but your waiter will be entered into a drawing to receive a prize as well.”


But hey, even if you can’t pony up some extra benjies into a donation envelope, you’re already helping to raise money for the fight against HIV/AIDS just by stuffing yourself silly. 


Please join us this Thursday, July 18 for Dining Out For Life. See you then! 

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