Ginuary Week One: Genever Punch

We’re celebrating Ginuary at Booty’s Street Food here in Bywater all January long. Three new gin cocktails debut each Thursday. Finishing out the first week of cocktails, we have the Genever Punch. 


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Ginuary Week One: Genever Punch


Genever Punch


Bols Genever, Blood Orange Olio, Blood Orange Juice, Water


When distilled spirits first were discovered, we would drink them either neat or as a punch. The traditional punch is a mixture of spirit (and we’re not talking the school stuff here), fruit, sugar, and water.  


This lovely number takes full advantage of Louisiana’s late citrus harvest season, making full use of the blood oranges that we have access to even in Ginuary™…ahem…January. Most people think Florida or California for citrus, but New Orleanians enjoy fresh satsumas, clementines, lemons, limes, and oranges even in the darkest months of winter. 


To quote our own cocktail menu, we’re truly HASHTAG BLESSED. 




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