Ginuary Week One: Kiwi Julep

We’re celebrating Ginuary at Booty’s Street Food here in Bywater all January long. Three new gin cocktails debut each Thursday. Enter, the Julep! 


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Ginuary Week One: Kiwi Julep

Kiwi Julep


1.5 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1 oz Kiwi Syurp

3/4 oz lime

3 Mint leaves


Shake, serve in a double rocks with crushed ice and a mint leave garnish.


The name Julep originates from the Persian word for rose water. By the 1400’s it had become more or less synonymous with a cold punch. In 1803 the first Mint Julep was served in London, and by 1817 it made it’s way to American shores, where the meaning of the word once again transformed to reflect this singular cocktail. 


Join us all Ginuary™ long for fresh cocktails featuring this most curious spirit. Cheers!

POSTED BY bootysnola ON January 5, 2015 IN EVENTS