Happy Birthday, 800 Louisa! The Booty’s Building Turns 128

Bywater Flash Fact: 800 Louisa St., the building that Booty’s Street Food calls home was erected on this day 128 years ago. 

800 Louisa St, post-Booty's renovation. Upgrade!

800 Louisa St, post-Booty’s renovation. Upgrade!

800 Louisa was first host to Driscoll’s Pharmacy for several decades, while multiple Driscoll generations grew up in the flat above the pharmacy. The Driscoll children – now grown adults with babies of their own! – told the Booty’s team all about growing up in Bywater, and how they were best friends with the children living across the street above the grocery store that would eventually be transformed into the former Bywater Bar-B-Q courtyard.

800 Louisa St., taken shortly before construction began on Booty's Street Food.

800 Louisa St., taken shortly before construction began on Booty’s Street Food.

800 Louisa also housed a video rental store named Channel Zero for a time, but then lay empty for several years while it underwent some pretty heavy renovations.


And here’s a little Bywater super secret What If-ery for you: 800 Louisa was thiiiiis close to becoming the permanent home to Pizza Delicious when our pizza pals were looking to make the transition from pop-up to permanent pizzeria. 


The last notable tenant of 800 Louisa before Booty’s Street Food opened for business late in November of 2012 was…Lake Booty’s! The 3100 and 3200 blocks of Dauphine St., and the 800 block of Louisa St. flooded multiple times during the summer of 2012 while the Sewerage and Water Board took their sweet-ass time upgrading the Bywater’s plumbing infrastructure. 

Lake Booty's, the frequent visitor that reappeared throughout the summer of 2012.

Lake Booty’s, the frequent visitor that reappeared throughout the summer of 2012.

I remember standing inside of Satsuma with my face pressed to the glass the day that I took this photo, watching the water rise higher and higher, until it was eventually licking at the lip of their front door. Nick and I trudged through water up past our knees and stood in the doorway of Booty’s, watching geysers of water literally shooting up 8 feet high from Dauphine St. every 20 feet or so. Just when the water was about to crest over our front step and into our live construction site, the geysers deflated and Lake Booty’s began to recede. What a close call! I still have nightmares about that day. 


We’re celebrating 800 Louisa’s 128th birthday today with a $1.28 cocktail called The Old Wench. So come on by and clink your glasses with us in a toast to this old beauty that we now call Booty’s. Cheers! 


POSTED BY Kevin Farrell ON July 15, 2013 IN Culture