New Orleans ROBBED of Dirtiest City Title by New York

This is quite frankly unacceptable:

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[box]Between hurricanes and the tornado of detritus that comes with Mardi Gras every year, Crescent City can be forgiven for having a tough time keeping up with debris. Some would say it even complements the city’s old-style but offbeat atmosphere: it’s also the No. 1 city for wild weekends, bars, and friendly locals.[/box]

No. 1 city for wild weekends, bars and friendly locals, yes. But only number 2 on the Travel+Leisure-backed America’s Dirtiest Cities list. New York City, fifth last year, took this year’s high honors.

Real talk, if your New Orleans experience is limited solely to venturing out of your French Quarter hotel room between the Friday evening/Saturday morning hours of say, 11-4, then by all means expect a filthy New Orleans experience. If they could bottle the scent of Bourbon at midnight it would be called…Trick question! It would be called urine. And there’s no way anyone would let you bottle and sell that.

But if we go ahead and define the city of New Orleans by more than just ten blocks of one street in the middle of the night each  weekend, I’m sure you’ll find the Crescent City a beautiful, cleanly town. Uptown, Magazine, Marigny, and yes, our Bywater stomping grounds are  all gorgeous swaths of urban living that trade out frat boy filth for historic homes and bustling shops and restaurants.

With all of that said, my papa always used to tell me that second place was just the first loser. So we’ll get you next year, New York. Count on it!

(via Travel+Leisure)

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