Rain Garden Realness, A Booty’s-Global Green Joint

Booty’s alum Brad has his toes in practically every sustainability non-profit in town. So when he asked if any of the Booty’s team wanted to spend a morning volunteering with Global Green, we were all about it. 


“Global Green USA has influenced more than $20 billion dollars for green building projects and educates millions of people about climate friendly solutions through its annual Red Carpet/Green Cars Oscars campaign. Global Green is also leading efforts to help rebuild a green New Orleans through its sustainable green village and green schools initiatives.”


Brad, Alyssa and I spent a sweaty New Orleans morning weeding and maintaining two large rain gardens in Holy Cross right along the levee of the Mississippi River. Rain gardens like these are critical cogs in the neighborhood’s water drainage system, and when they are well maintained, they can prevent flooding, as well as irrigate gardens and yards without burdening the sewerage and water system. Nice! 


Kevin, Brad and Alyssa flexing serious weed-pulling muscles.

Kevin, Brad and Alyssa flexing serious weed-pulling muscles.


Brad is helping us to build a green roof system this summer over our prep room, and we’ve been picking his brain about solar power for a future project. 


If you’re interested in volunteering with Global Green, or with the Booty’s crew on a future project, shoot us an email at ahoy@bootysnola.com and we’ll help make it happen. 



POSTED BY Kevin Farrell ON July 18, 2013 IN Around Town