The 2nd Annual New Orleans Daiquiri Festival is Going Down on Saturday!

New Orleans boozy wunderkind Jeremy JF Thompson wants YOU to come get your slurp on this Saturday at the 2nd Annual New Orleans Daiquiri Festival!

The Booty’s crew will be kicking it at the fest all day long. Come by and say hi!

[box]What other cocktail can you buy by the gallon? What other cocktail is served in such a variety of signature cups & glasses? What other cocktail is as much an outdoor accessory as it is a cocktail? What other cocktail has shops that specialize in that cocktail exclusively?[/box]

2nd annual new orleans daiquiri festival flyer

Daiquiri Machines pumping out swanky gourmet daiquiris designed by some of New Orleans’ most notorious bartenders, including the winner of the 2012 Frozen Daiquiri Contest.

Dance with your Daiquiri to sets by some of New Orleans’ best DJs, including:
DJ MATTY (Mod Dance Party, Alligator Chomp Chomp)
DJ BUNNY (Fur & Lace, S.I.N. at Jack’s)
DJ CASSYLE (Special Guest DJ from New Mexico)
DJ PASTA (Alligator Chomp Chomp)
DJ FAYARD (One Eyed Jacks)
DJ KRISTIN (Mod Dance Party)

Sailor Jerry Daiquiri Festival Photobooth! Hold up your Daiq and say “Brain Freeze!” Pose with your Favorite WHO DAIQ? FLAVA GIRLS.

Nom nom nom. See you there!


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