The Dauphine Street Trash Cleanup

Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin suited up in rubber gloves and thick, black trash bags this morning and spent two hours beautifying the Bywater.


From Louisa to Poland and back again, we braved the 90 degree sunshine to do our part to make our neighborhood a little nicer. 


Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin: TRASHY!

Cheyenne, Jamie and Kevin: TRASHY!


And you know what? Along the way, our mail lady, the Fedex guy, Sewerage and Water Board workers, and about a dozen of our neighbors that live along Dauphine Street stopped to thank us, and even came out and helped pick up the litter in front of their own properties.


We did it! (Now let's hit the showers!)

We did it! (Now let’s hit the showers!)


Many, many thanks to J&J’s for the life-saving ice waters along the way! 


Booty’s organizes a staff volunteer opportunity about every other week or so. If you’d like to come work alongside the Booty’s crew, holler at us at!