Who Daiq? Booty’s Makes Gambit’s Top 100 Bars in New Orleans

Booty’s golden children (Well, orange and pink, really), the Bywater Bomber and Hula Hoop get the star treatment in a new listicle of the Top 100 Bars in New Orleans courtesy of The Gambit. 

Bootys Street Food Bywater Bomber Hula Hoop

Bywater Bomber & kid sister, the Hula Hoop

Our house daiqs top the Frozen Drinks section of the compendium, scoring rave reviews for our all natural, preservative-free recipes.

The daiquiris here aren’t saccharine like those found at many daiquiri shops. The Bywater Bomber daiquiri features Old New Orleans rum, rose water, house-made bitters and fresh pineapple, orange and lime juice. The Hula Hoop is a blend of Old New Orleans rum, guava and vanilla. 800 Louisa St., (504) 266-2887; www.bootysnola.com, @bootys

Bywater Bombers and Hula Hoops are daily staples here at Booty’s and make a perfect companion to any lunch, brunch or dinner. 

Come and get ‘em.